Mix Forest Squid

The recipe of this mix started from the feed used in fish farming for carp food. It contains a series of ingredients that are also used in feed production,
but also elements specific to boilies. In fish farming the aim is to optimize the feed price, so that the conversion rate is as good as possible
(how much feed it consumes and how much weight the fish consumes).
It is generally sought to replace expensive ingredients with ingredients that have similar characteristics, but lower price.
Of course, digestibility and assimilation of feed is very important, if the fish cannot capitalize the most of the food, it is a waste of money.
It does not lack fish meal (25%), animal meal (other than fish meal), lactic proteins, grits, germs and cereal flours, poultry seeds and other “bird foods”,
ultimately resulting in a “birdfish” mix that can be used with confidence throughout the year.

Weight 1 kg


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