Souble Boilies Paste Mister Dudi Bait

It is composed of the same material as soluble boilies, but with a higher attractiveness, the dose of attractants in it being higher than in boilies. High effectiveness if used to wrapping the lead in paste for more bites or just covering the hook bait.

Weight: 0,5 Kg

Weight 0,6 kg

500 g


  1. Bogdan

    O pasta de calitate, aderenta pe momitor, mi-a oferit placuta surpriza de a ramane cu nada pe momitor si dupa 3 ore de la aruncare, ceea ce nu mi s-a intamplat cu multe alte marci… Un produs de calitate, foarte bun in partidele scurte, atat pe apa rece cat si in toiul verii. Combunatia cu Mister Red si Mister Dudi pentru carlig, mi-a adus multi crapi 10+


    Calitate nota 10 🤫

  3. Paul Andrei


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