Dudi Bait Spod Mix “Complete”

As the name suggests, it is a mixture that contains absolutely all the elements necessary for a complete bait. It consists of hard and soluble boilies (Mister Dudi, Mister Red, Forest Squid), in proportion of 50%, groundbait, pellet mixture, crushed seeds, betaine. The mixture is ready moistened with Mister Dudi additive, only water needs to be added and the mixture is ready to attract fish to the fishing spot

Weight: 3 kg

Weight 3 kg



    Produsul meu preferat cand vine vorba de nadit. Produs complet, gata de folosit, metoda ideala de a economisi timp bani si efort. Folositi cu incredere.


    Foarte bun ai eficient in folosesc la fiecare partida fiind gata de folosit

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